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Voices for Public Transit is offering a few home-school activities that use public transportation to enrich verbal, spatial, memory, mathematical, and analytical skill.


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Support Public Transit in the Elections

Oct. 15, 2020

Public transportation will appear on ballots in regions all across the country—and your vote counts. You may be able to support public transit with your vote in more than one way.


Covid-19 Election

Public Transportation Faces a Perfect Storm

Sep. 16, 2020

American public transportation systems are facing a perfect storm: $32 billion in COVID-19 emergency funding is urgently needed to maintain safe, reliable operations that enable essential healthcare, pharmacy, grocery, utility, and other workers get to their jobs. Long-term transportation funding expires on September 30 and we need to maintain and repair our current public transit systems. We still need a bold infrastructure plan the enables our growing nation to get around in the years ahead. We need Congress to tackle all of these priorities, beginning with emergency funding.



Negotiations for New COVID-19 Emergency Funding Stall in Congress: American Public Transit Systems Face Financial Shortfall

Aug. 24, 2020

Washington lawmakers have hit an impasse on providing additional COVID-19 emergency response funding to American families, state and local governments, and public transportation systems. Congress has not officially adjourned for the traditional August recess, but many lawmakers have left Washington with no resolution to the stalled negotiations in sight. This is disheartening news for many, […]


Covid-19 Election
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