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Public Transit’s Connection to Jobs and Economic Growth

Public transit is an important contributor to our economy. Every $1 invested in public transit generates up to $5 in economic returns.


Investing in Public Transit is an Investment in Cleaner Air

Simply put, public transportation is better for the environment. It reduces traffic congestion and air pollution and helps community-wide energy use.


IIJA Provides Long-Term Funding for Public Transit

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act not only provided historic investments in public transportation, but it is now also helping communities of all sizes build, upgrade, and expand public transit systems nationwide.


Public Transit is a Winning Election Issue

Voices for Public Transit is working to make public transit investment a priority during any election, from the candidates we vote for to the local ballot measures and initiatives we support.


Public Transit by the Numbers

The numbers help make the case for public transportation. Learn facts and figures that support our arguments for increased public transit investment.


Public Transit’s Contribution to Our Nation’s Health

Public transportation plays a critical role in supporting the health of millions of Americans—and helping to control healthcare costs.


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