Your Next 2020 Transit Advocacy Resolution: Watch the State of the Union Address

Your Next 2020 Transit Advocacy Resolution:

Watch the State of the Union Address

In the coming weeks, we’re highlighting 2020 resolutions you can make to support increased investment in public transportation.

We started by encouraging you to support public transit when you participate in this year’s primaries and caucuses. When we say “participate,” we mean more than vote. We also encourage you to lead the conversation.

It’s a good idea to link public transit to other issues people—including our nation’s leaders—are talking about. That’s why the next 2020 resolution for our community involves a big annual milestone in Washington, DC:

Watch the State of the Union—Both Parts

The President’s State of the Union (SOTU) address and the accompanying Democratic response will take place on Tuesday, February 4. Both addresses will be made with an eye toward the November elections, and you can expect to hear about many hot-button issues. We hope to hear renewed commitments to support American transportation and infrastructure, but public transit connects to many other issues high in the public consciousness right now.

Transit Links to Other Issues

Jobs and the economy.We’ll almost certainly hear about the need to maintain a healthy economy and continue to create jobs. Public transit advocates have a great story to tell on this point. Every $1 billion invested in public transportation supports more than 50,000 jobs.

Health care. We may hear differing views about how to improve health care in America. Public transportation plays a critical role in health care for many Americans. Public transit helps people access health services and better manage their health day to day, minimizing the need for more costly hospitalization, which keeps health care costs lower for everyone. Public transit also promotes walking and bike-riding as part of a multi-modal transportation system, which help keep people healthier longer. Because public transit has a positive impact on public health, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended increased funding for public transportation.

Environment. Public transit helps communities reduce both pollution and energy consumption.  As our nation debates solutions to keep our air and water clean now and in the decades ahead, public transit will be an essential way of keeping America mobile while also keeping our environment healthy.

Public transit helps millions of Americans make connections every day—to work, to school, to shopping, to health care, and to one another. Similarly, public transit and the mobility it provides connect to many of the key issues facing our nation. Please listen to the SOTU, see where you think public transit makes connections, and then share your ideas with friends, family, co-workers, and others in your community and online networks.

Let’s keep talking about public transit all year long—and continue to urge Congress to increase our nation’s investment in public transportation.

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