Public Transportation Faces a Perfect Storm

Help Win Emergency Response Funding

American public transportation systems are facing a perfect storm:

  • $32 billion in COVID-19 emergency funding is urgently needed to maintain safe, reliable operations that enable essential healthcare, pharmacy, grocery, utility, and other workers get to their jobs.
  • Long-term transportation funding expires on September 30 and we need to maintain and repair our current public transit systems.
  • We still need a bold infrastructure plan the enables our growing nation to get around in the years ahead.

We need Congress to tackle all of these priorities, beginning with emergency funding. TAKE ACTION now to urge Congress to provide $32 billion in emergency funding to public transit as soon as possible. It is critical that public transportation continue to serve our communities in this time of crisis.

Strengthening Our Transportation Infrastructure for the Long Term

Public transportation also needs new long-term funding. The current surface transportation bill, the 2015 FAST Act, expires on September 30. Communities cannot support economic recovery, think innovatively, or plan confidently for the future without long-term funding for public transportation.

It is critical Congress does not debate for years without passing a long-term surface transportation bill, which is what happened in the past. Voices for Public Transit will be urging Congress to find common ground and support a national public transportation network that benefits all Americans—whether you ride or not.

Americans need, and deserve, infrastructure that keeps them safe, creates jobs, and helps build our economy. Public transportation helps Americans do all of these things, but we need emergency funding now, and for Congress to make a bold, long-term infrastructure investment. Every American—rural and urban, in red and blue states alike—needs access to reliable, affordable transportation. Our economy and quality of life depend on mobility, including public transportation.

It is past time for Congress to take action to support infrastructure for the long term—and to provide emergency funding for public transportation. Please tell Congress now that public transportation is a priority for you!

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