Passage of Infrastructure Bill is a Victory for Public Transit

We did it!

In a major victory for public transportation, the United States House of Representatives passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal (BID) on November 5th, which the Senate passed earlier this summer. The bill was signed into law by President Biden on Monday afternoon.

A big THANK YOU goes out to the thousands of members of Voices for Public Transit who made phone calls, posted to social media, and sent letters to your Congressional representatives to demonstrate that public transportation is a top priority for communities around the country.

An Investment in Our Nation’s Future

This legislation puts our nation on the right path to build public transportation infrastructure that will benefit every American—whether you ride or not. The BID provides a $107 billion investment that will enable communities around the country to create and expand public transit systems to meet the needs of our growing nation.

Looking ahead, we’ll see new and expanded bus and light rail systems that are faster, safer, more modern, and help fight climate change. New sustainable mobility options will open up opportunities for Americans to reach schools, access jobs, and connect with each other.

The BID also provides a $102 billion investment for commuter rail, Amtrak, and other high-performance rail. These systems will strengthen regional transportation networks, connecting cities, suburbs, and rural communities together.

One More Goal is Within Reach

We are hopeful that Congress will also soon pass the Build Back Better Act (BBB)—also known as the reconciliation bill—which includes additional investments to improve mobility in our nation. Critically, the BBB will help ensure that public transportation connects with affordable housing.

Access to transportation is critical in helping people travel from their homes to reach jobs. But too many Americans are locked out of employment opportunities because they lack access to reliable public transportation. Provisions of the BBB will help address this challenge with investments that support equitable mobility and affordable housing.

The BBB would also make investments that help advance high-speed rail. As our nation and economy grows, people will increasingly need to connect across regions—and travel further from home to work. High-speed rail will help make these connections.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a historically challenging time for our nation. With the BID, we have made a critical investment that will help us move forward, past the pandemic and toward a stronger future. Now Congress has the chance to end the year with one more victory for our nation by passing the BBB.

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