Make Just One More 2020 Public Transit Resolution Share Your Hopes for Public Transit Investment

Our major advocacy goal—winning increased public investment in public transportation—will be accomplished through small, steady steps that together lead to big wins like the 2015 FAST Act.

These steps are absolutely critical—even if by themselves they may not look like much!

As your last Voices for Public Transit resolution for 2020, please commit to taking the following two steps to help us build wide and deep support for increased funding for public transit.

Step 1: Imagine How Public Transportation Improvements Will Help You and Your Community

Our community is united in our support for public transportation, but we have a range of ideas about how it can be improved—and how those improvements will help our communities.

Take a moment to imagine ways greater investment in public transportation can help your community and our nation get where it needs to go. Would you like to see public transportation…?

  • Help the economy by expanding access to jobs, training, and education.
  • Improve safety and lower traffic congestion for everyone—including people who don’t use public transportation.
  • Fight air, water, and noise pollution with quieter vehicles that use renewable energy.
  • Renew neighborhoods and downtowns by bringing people together.

The ideas listed above represent just a few examples of how public transportation can improve daily lives and local communities for everyone—and what those changes look like for your community may be different than what they look like for other communities. Would you like to see rail or bus service reaching more neighborhoods? Bus Rapid Transit to reduce travel times? More electric vehicles? What other hopes do you have? Brainstorm and write down your ideas.

Step 2: Share Your Hopes and Start Conversations

Now unleash the power of your hopes for public transportation by sharing them wide and far. First, please share how you think increased public transit investment could benefit your community on Facebook and Twitter—and be sure to tag Voices for Public Transit by adding #Voices4Transit to every post. You can also share your ideas with us by email at

Encourage your networks to share their hopes for improved public transportation as well. Start conversations with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers about the importance of public transportation.

Big advances in Congress and state legislatures begin with conversations among the voters in local communities. You can help drive those conversations by resolving to share your hopes for increased public transportation investment and what it could mean for everyone in your area.

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