Is Your Community On Board?

Communities of all sizes and transit systems around the nation will celebrate public transportation’s role in American mobility during the inaugural National “Get on Board” Day.

This one-day nationwide event will bring attention to the societal and economic value of public transportation. This event will raise public transit’s profile, emphasize how public transit is the foundation of a forward-looking mobility strategy, and make the case for increased investment in public transportation to elected officials.

The Next Part of the Story: #2—“Get on Board” for Stronger Communities

In our previous blog post, encouraged Voices for Public Transit advocates to share why they are personally “On Board” with public transportation, but that’s just the beginning of the story we need Congress to hear.

We all know the benefits of public transportation extend far beyond the individual. Show us how public transportation makes your community stronger—or how it could if more public transit were available. Looking for inspiration? Here are just a few examples of why communities, not just individuals, should “Get on Board” with public transit:

  • Jobs!—Every $1 billion invested in public transportation creates or supports approximately 50,000 jobs.
  • Economic and Community Development—Public transportation attracts business investment, builds tax revenue, and fosters affordable housing. Did you know that 70 percent of public funding for public transportation reaches the private sector? That figure alone should convince communities off all sizes to “Get On Board” when it comes to public transportation.
  • Public Health—Public transportation supports healthy communities. We’re not just talking about the public transit riders that get exercise by walking to their stop or station. Public transportation provides a critical link to hospitals and medical centers so people can access healthcare—especially preventative care. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends expanding public transportation because of its contribution to public health.
  • Quality of Life—Public transportation reduces traffic and air pollution, gives people more flexibility and access, and brings folks together so members of the community feel more connected.


What Can You Do to Get Your Community On Board with Public Transit?

Start by showing us what public transit does or could mean for your community: post photos or short videos of public transportation in action in your community on our Facebook page or Twitter using the hashtag #GetOnBoard.

Tell us more about the examples that come to mind for you:

  • Does your bus or rail system connect students to a local college or university?
  • Are new housing or new businesses growing up close to public transit?
  • Has public transportation helped revitalize an older neighborhood?
  • Do you see people in your community using public transportation to shop or attend community events?


We know many communities don’t yet have robust public transit or have outgrown the public transit systems they currently use. Those stories are just as important to tell! What public transit improvements are on your community’s wish list?

Share more with us today!

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