Getting Educated on Public Transit for Back to School Season

Summer is winding down, which means back to school season is gearing up for students of all ages nationwide. From families with young children just starting off on their first day of school to post-graduate students to educators, public transit connects Americans with countless educational opportunities.

As students dive back into the “three Rs” (and then some!), Voices for Public Transit is hoping to help you brush up on the “three Es” of how public transportation benefits our communities.

  • Environmental: Public transit has a positive impact on our environment and supports ongoing efforts to eliminate or reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to combat climate change. Using public transit helps improve air and water quality, advance clean and renewable energy, and promote more sustainable, livable cities of all sizes.
  • Economic: Investing in public transit helps build stronger local economies that support more vibrant, diverse, and connected communities. Not only does public transportation help businesses attract and retain employees, but it also expands their customer base and drives economic investments that help new businesses grow and continue to thrive.
  • Equity: Robust public transit can help create opportunities for disadvantaged communities, helping drive equity and equality for all Americans. The right investments in public transit can help address the transportation policy mistakes of the past by helping connect minority and low-income communities with the mobility options needed to expand economic opportunities and revitalize entire communities.

Regardless of whether you ride every day, occasionally, or not at all, public transit benefits us all, providing environmental, economic, and equity benefits that strengthen local communities and improve the quality of life for everyone. That’s what makes passage of last year’s bipartisan infrastructure bill—and the historic investments it makes in public transportation—so important.

If you haven’t already, check out our video outlining the road ahead for public transit funding and how Voices for Public Transit can continue to play a role in supporting increased funding for public transportation in communities across the country.

And best of luck for a successful year for any Voices for Public Transit members who may be going back to school this fall!

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