Gear Up for Back-to-School Season With These Public Transit Activities

Back-to-school season is in full swing and Voices for Public Transit wants to help students get into the school spirit with public transportation!

We’ve developed the following downloadable games, activities, and other educational materials to help students of all ages brush up on their public transportation knowledge. Check out our downloadable public transit materials below:

  • Voices for Public Transit Concentration—Play the classic concentration game, with a public transit twist.
    >>Download the Cards
    >>Download the Instructions and Rules
  • Public Transportation Word Search and Learning Assignment—Find public transit-related words in a word search. Then, answer our research questions about the words in the puzzle by searching the internet.
    >> Download now
  • “Get on the Bus!” Math and Analysis—Put your math and analysis skills to the test using a bus schedule to answer questions about travel times and transit options in the fictional town of Metroville.
    >> Download Now
    >>Download the Answers
  • “Streetcars in History and Today” Reading and Writing—Learn about the history of streetcars, answer questions, and complete writing prompts to test your reading, writing, and comprehension skills.
    >> Download Now
    >>Download the Answers

We hope you—or the students in your life—find these back-to-school activities fun and informational. Have a happy and safe school year!

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