Congress Approves Emergency Covid-19 Funding For Public Transit

Lawmakers passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act—including $25 billion in emergency funding for public transportation—late Friday afternoon, March 27. President Trump signed the bill into law just a few hours later.

This urgently needed legislation—passed with a strong bipartisan vote—provides broad economic relief to Americans and supports critical industries, including public transit.

The infusion of funding will help keep public transit systems across the nation operational during this challenging time. Public transportation will remain available so healthcare providers, first responders, grocery and pharmacy employees, and other essential personnel can reach work. Public transportation will also remain a critical lifeline as medical transportation to kidney dialysis, cancer treatments and other critical care.

The emergency funding will also help public transportation systems cover increased costs to protect the health and safety of riders and employees.

This is not a time to claim victory, but all of Congress deserves our thanks. The dire circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic placed historic pressure on America’s public transportation system. Lawmakers responded by setting aside their differences and uniting to pass legislation that demonstrates the fundamental importance of public transportation to our nation’s economy, health, and mobility.

Please join us in thanking Congress on social media. We suggest this message: “Thank you #USCongress and #WhiteHouse for passing the CARES Act with emergency #COVID19 funding for #publictransportation. #Publictransit is keeping essential workers connected to their jobs and will support long-term economic recovery. #Voices4Transit”.

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