Come On Our Summer Transit Trek!

Millions of Americans are hitting the road this summer, and many are turning to public transportation to get them around these destinations. Join us as we embark on a Tourism Transit Trek across the nation!

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Embracing Multi-Modal Transportation

A lot us begin our summer vacation by loading up the car or heading to the airport. But once you get to your destination—whether it’s a big city, resort town, or National Park—you can see more, meet people, and relax by using public transportation.

Here are just a few ideas for using public transportation on your summer vacation.

  • Beach Town Buses—Many American beach communities support tourism by offering free or low-cost bus or shuttle services. Public transit helps reduce traffic snarls and can make towns more walkable. Before you head to the beach, visit the tourism website of your destination town or region. Here’s another hint: You can often reach beach towns from cities using a regional bus service. Have you tried one of these bus services? Tell us about it here!
  • National Park Shuttles—Many National Parks are packed full of visitors all summer long. They suffer from road congestion and clogged parking lots. To address this problem, several National Parks now offer shuttle service. You can combine bicycling, walking, and bus-riding to see parks and help reduce the impact of cars. Have you visited a national park? Did you bike or take a sight-seeing bus? Tell us about it here!
  • Multi-modal Transportation—Driving and parking in a big, unfamiliar city can be a serious drag. Some cities offer day or week-long transit passes that let you use multiple forms of transportation. You can save money and sometimes travel faster by using buses, commuter trains, and light rail. Many cities now also have bike- and scooter-sharing, which provide another transportation option for visitors. Tell us about what type of transit you hopped on when you visited your summer destination!

Where Have You Used Public Transit When You Travel?

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