Advocates Share Why Public Transit is Essential to Them

Share Your Own Story Today—and Invite Others to Participate

The voices of our advocates nationwide power our movement to improve and expand public transportation in communities of all sizes. Your personal stories make it clear that public transportation can transform lives and benefit communities.

In the coming months, Congress will be debating infrastructure packages and putting forward their recommendations, including funding for public transportation. We can win additional, long-term support from Congress—if we share our stories and shine a light on how public transit is essential. Please share your own story—and take inspiration from a few of the stories we’ve heard recently from champions for public transit.

Connecting with Others

Caroline L. in Flushing, New York, is able to connect with others and move freely across her community and beyond because of public transportation. Way to go, Caroline!

Mobility for Everyone

As Ruth R. in Florida shares, public transportation provides essential mobility and enables independence for people with disabilities. Keep on riding, Ruth!

Reaching School and Work

Robert A. of El Monte, California, highlights how public transit has been part of his life since he was a child. Public transit connected Robert to school and work—and he values how it helps the environment. Thank you for sharing, Robert!

Multi-modal Transportation

Many people combine public transportation with other modes of travel. Catherine M. of Glendale, Arizona, shares that she doesn’t have a car, so she walks a lot, supplemented with riding public transit for longer, quicker trips. Great example, Catherine, thank you!

Stories like these—even just a few sentences—help show the many ways that people and their communities benefit from public transportation. Our shared stories will help capture the attention of members of Congress—and place public transportation front and center during the infrastructure debate.

You can help us turn up the volume on Capitol Hill by sharing your story and encouraging others—friends, family, and co-workers—to join Voices for Public Transit and share their stories as well.

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