A Thanksgiving "Thank You" For Public Transit

On Thanksgiving, Americans around the country give thanks—for their health and happiness, for their families and loved ones, for their communities and nation. Today, Voices for Public Transit wants to offer two very big Thank You’s.

We want to first thank every member of our nationwide community of public transit advocates. Your committed voices are helping to protect and strengthen American public transportation—for today and the future.

And we want to give a giant shout-out of thanks to the people who plan, build, operate, and maintain our public transportation systems. We talk a lot about the infrastructure of public transit, but without the people none of us would get very far.

Share Your Thanks

Thousands of transit employees are working this holiday season so we can travel safely and connect with family and friends. Whenever you have a chance, please say “Thank You” to the people who get us where we need to go all year round.

You can also voice your thanks by sharing our “Thank You” GIF (pictured above) on Twitter and Facebook.

Have a safe and joyful Thanksgiving!

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