2020 Resolutions To Support Public Transit

2020 Resolutions to Support Public Transit

Resolve to Recruit Five Friends to Participate in Voices for Public Transit

We’re kicking off 2020 by encouraging public transit supporters to make resolutions that will expand support for public transportation funding in our nation’s capital and in our local communities—and everywhere in between.

At the start of this new decade, it is clearer than ever that communities around the country need expanded transportation options, including public transit. Our growing populations (and associated traffic), our environment, public health, and our economy all benefit when we invest in public transit.

This year and beyond, we must make sure Congress, state leaders, and local officials hear us speaking out for public transit. The level of noise in Washington, DC, and our state capitals may be more cacophonous than ever, but together we can keep public transit a bipartisan priority.

That’s why we encourage you to commit to our next Resolution:

Recruit five friends to participate in Voices for Public Transit

Voices for Public Transit has advocates in every state, and we want to keep building our community so lawmakers on both sides of the aisle hear robust and diverse support for public transit—all year long.

Please reach out to five friends—or family members, co-workers, or neighbors—and encourage them to sign up for Voices for Public Transit and get involved. Share your own story about why you support public transit—in email or in person—and highlight your favorite public transportation facts. You can also get others on board by sharing one or both of the following graphics on social media:









Take the extra step: Please do what you can and what you’re comfortable with, but if possible go the extra mile. Talk about public transit over coffee with a friend or let a co-worker use your phone to sign up right now. Follow up with friends to answer their questions and learn whether they signed up.

If someone declines, offer your thanks and just move to the next person. Keep going until you get five or more sign-ups.

Remember too, public transit supporters don’t have to be public transit riders. Public transportation benefits every person and whole communities, not just people who use bus or rail systems regularly.
In our next blog, we’ll be asking you to make one more Resolution for 2020. Now please get out there and sign up some new members!


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