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Members of Voices for Public Transit know public transportation benefits everyone. We’re keeping it moving.

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Members of Voices for Public Transit know public transportation benefits everyone. We’re keeping it moving.

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Public Transit Supporters Share Views About Proposed Budget Cuts

Voices for Public Transit recently surveyed our members to ask, “What would your world look like without public transit?” You can read what members like you told us in our most recent blog post, “We Asked; You Answered: What Public Transit Cuts Could Mean.

We also asked people to share their individual stories about how the President’s proposed cuts to public transportation would affect them personally. Here is what your fellow public transit advocates shared with us.

Job Losses and Increased Poverty
A Philadelphia transit supporter wrote, “A vast number of citizens in my area travel into and out of the city for their jobs, using public transport — buses and regional trains. Remove those options and you will vastly shrink the pool of workers, which will cripple businesses and needlessly throw families into poverty. There is not a single benefit to any of it, for corporations or individuals. Only in ignorance could someone make a case for it.”

Increased Costs and Traffic Congestion
Another transit supporter wrote, “For me, it means increased costs because I will have to buy a vehicle. I’ve chosen to not own a car, because I’m a strong supporter of public transportation and I prefer living in an area with good public transportation access. There is good and extensive public transportation in my region, but congestion is a huge problem, so reduction or total elimination of transit will only worsen congestion and affect the economy of the entire region.”

Lost Independence
One Ohio advocate wrote, “[Cutting public transit] would take my independence away. I do not like to ask anybody to take me anywhere unless I absolutely have to. I would not be able to go to the grocery store or other shopping on a limited income.”

Undermining the Basic Right to Be Mobile
Finally, a public transportation advocate from the Washington, D.C., area wrote, “Public transportation in DC is already stretched close to the breaking point. Any further funding cuts could inflict irreparable damage to the system and riders who depend on it for their economic and social empowerment. Government needs to increase, not decrease or eliminate, appropriations to public transportation. Convenient, reliable, affordable public transportation serves the well-being of communities and is a basic right of all citizens.”

The core message we’re hearing from public transit supporters is that President Trump’s proposed cuts will drastically impact the quality of life in our communities, big and small, across the nation.

For decades, members of Congress from both parties have recognized the value of public transportation to their constituents — and as a result, there has been strong bipartisan support for funding public transportation.

President Trump’s proposal to gut public transportation funding goes directly against the wishes and wellbeing of the American people. What remains to be seen is whether Congress chooses to follow the President’s recommendations or maintains its commitment to improving our nation’s transportation infrastructure by investing in improved and expanded public transportation for communities of all sizes.