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Members of Voices for Public Transit know public transportation benefits everyone. We’re keeping it moving.

Join the Movement

Members of Voices for Public Transit know public transportation benefits everyone. We’re keeping it moving.

Voices For Transit

We All Benefit

Whether you ride or not, public transportation benefits all of us. It reduces pollution, eases traffic congestion, and helps our communities thrive. In cities, suburbs, and rural America, public transit provides vital connections to jobs, education, medical care, and our larger communities. Help us keep America moving.

  • VPT Votes 2016: Time to Vote for Public Transit!

    According to a recent editorial in the New York Times, 2016 “could be record year for transportation ballot proposals, because local politicians and voters have realized that Congress is not coming to rescue America’s aging bridges, roads and transit systems.”

    Many of the transportation measures on ballots today will either strengthen or hinder local public transit for years — even decades.

    We urge you to support measures in your area that will provide critical funding for public transportation initiatives. We’ve highlighted some key examples of transportation ballot measures facing voters across the country:

    But, of course, the most important ballot measure is always the one on YOUR local ballot. And today is the day you can make the most difference for public transit in YOUR area.

    Tips for Voting

    Voting is a pretty straightforward process, but here are some tips to make your trip to the polls as smooth as possible.

    • Complete Your Research Before Heading to the Polls — Take some time to read about issues and candidates online so you know how you’ll be casting your vote before you head to the polls.
    • Find Your Polling Place and Hours — You can find out where to vote by visiting the website of your state or local election office. Some resources for finding polling locations include and Get to the Polls. You can also just search on Google: “Where do I vote?”
    • Plan Your Travel — Find the best route to your polling place, and consider riding public transit if it’s available.
    • Leave Time for Lines — Many polling places are anticipating long lines this year. Allow plenty of time to travel and wait.
    • Bring Your Photo ID (not required in all states) — If you have a photo ID (e.g., a driver’s license), bring it to the polls. Some states require photo ID, while some request it even though it isn’t required.

    Let others know on social media that you’ve voted and urge them to vote as well. You can encourage your online networks to support public transit at the polls by sharing a Voices for Public Transit election graphic from our VPT Votes 2016 Election Toolkit.

    Please return to the Voices for Public Transit blog soon to read our round-up of election results. Our fingers are crossed for public transit.

  • Supoort Public Transportation with Election Toolkit Flyer

    Americans across the country are already voting — by absentee and mail-in ballots. But there’s still time to encourage your friends, family, co-workers, and others to support public transportation when they vote.

    Voices for Public Transit’s Election Toolkit includes a window sign and social media graphics to help show your support for public transportation.

    The toolkit also includes a “Vote for Public Transit” flyer that highlights some great facts and messages that make the case for public transportation, including:

    • Everyone benefits from public transportation — even people who don’t ride.
    • Public transportation is a far safer way to commute than traveling by private car.
    • Public transit reduces pollution and eases traffic congestion.

    Share Online and Offline

    Our “Vote for Public Transit” flyer can be easily downloaded and emailed to others. You can also share it on social media. But we especially encourage you to print copies of the flyer and hand out as many as possible. Here are some ideas:

    • Place copies on the tables or counter of your workplace’s kitchen, break room, or cafeteria.
    • Leave a small stack in a public area of your apartment building; e.g., on a foyer table.
    • Pin a copy on a library or church basement bulletin board.
    • Hand out copies to your neighbors or leave them at their doors — just remember not to place them in a mailbox.

    Do you have ideas for sharing our flyer? Let us know by tweeting @APTA_Transit or posting on the Public Transportation Facebook page.

    And remember to vote yourself! We look forward to reporting back how public transportation fares in this year’s election. Fingers crossed.

  • A Sign of the Times: Raising Awareness of Public Transit before Election Day

    Most campaign signs are for candidates. You can stand out in your neighborhood — or at work — by posting an election window sign on an issue that impacts all of us: public transportation.

    Download and Print the Voices for Public Transit Window Sign

    Your sign will raise awareness about local public transportation measures and remind voters to look down their ballots and vote to support public transit. In addition, your sign will help connect voters with Voices for Public Transit!

    Window Signs Aren’t Just for Windows Anymore

    We recognize that not everyone has a good, visible window for a hanging a campaign sign. Or maybe hanging signs is against your building’s rules. Here are some other ideas for using the window sign:

    • Post a window sign on your cubicle or office door.
    • Make a yard sign using the window sign, a piece of cardboard, and a wire hanger — just make sure you only display your sign on your property.
    • Distribute window signs to local businesses for their windows.
    • Hand out signs for your friends and family use to build awareness in their communities.

    Not a window sign person? No worries. Voices for Public Transit’s Election Toolkit 2016 also includes a flyer that you can share with friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others, as well as social media shareable graphics that you can post on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

    Please use one or all of these materials to encourage others to support public transportation when they vote on November 8.

  • Support Public Transit This Election on Social Media

    The election is just around the corner — and every vote for public transportation counts. Local measures are often passed — or defeated — by a slim margin, so if your ballot has a regional transportation measure, be sure to vote on it.

    To help you show your support for public transportation — and raise awareness among voters in your community and online networks—Voices for Public Transit has created an Election Toolkit 2016. As a reminder, the toolkit includes:

    • A window sign to display your support for public transportation
    • A flyer that helps you educate other voters about public transit
    • Social media shareable graphics to spread the word on social media

    We want to especially highlight the importance of making use of the Toolkit’s social media graphics. With more people spending time online and on their mobile devices, social media is one of the best ways to spread our message encouraging voters to support public transit at the polls. There are two easy steps you can take:

    • Change Your Profile Picture — Download and change your profile picture to our special “I’m Voting for Public Transportation!” graphic to highlight your support among your online circles. Every time you post or tweet, your profile picture will show your support for public transportation.
    • Share a Graphic — Social media posts earn more attention when they include an image. We’ve created two images to share with your online networks. It’s a good idea to add your own message in the post, too.

    Given the continuous coverage of the presidential race, it’s easy to forget that millions of Americans will be voting on local issues as well. By sharing Voices for Public Transit’s election graphics, you’ll remind your online networks that we have a chance to guide the future of transportation at the ballot box by voting for public transportation on November 8.

  • Voters Can Advance Public Transit by Voting “YES” on Local and State Measures

    Last year’s passage of a long-term federal transportation funding bill — the FAST Act — was a critical step in getting America’s public transportation back on track.

    But the fact is that federal funding provides only a percentage of the dollars needed for transportation, including public transit. Cities, counties, and states must also contribute funding and leadership for transportation. In addition, local spending is often required to receive matching federal grants.

    For these reasons, it is critical for voters around the country to vote YES on local and state transportation measures. Below we highlight measures in several states.

    • In Maine, a YES vote on Question 6 will raise $100 million in bond funding for local public transit services, as well as for road and bridge improvements. Passage of Question 6 will also qualify Maine to receive an estimated $137 million in matching federal funds.
    • Southeast Michigan voters will vote on the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) measure that will extend bus and rail service throughout the area, strengthening connections and mobility for 4.2 million people. In addition, Eaton County voters will decide on renewing funding for their local transit system.
    • In Flagstaff, Arizona, voters will decide on Prop 411, which will renew a modest local sales tax that funds the Mountain Line bus system.

    These ballot measures highlight the need for our continued support of public transportation initiatives, and more importantly—the need to get out and vote! Keep in mind that local measures are often passed or defeated by very slim margins, so every vote is important.

    In addition to voting yourself, you can help raise awareness about supporting public transit initiatives and encourage others to vote as well by utilizing the resources of Voices for Public Transit’s Election Toolkit.

  • Advocate spotlight

    Thomas H.

    I have relied on public transit almost all of my life. Presently, I am retired, which I have been for five years now, and I do not own a car after giving my last car away to be junked, as it was in total disrepair.

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